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Category: Getting Started

“This is episode #357, and my guest today is Obi Dorsey, based out of Jacksonville, Florida. So much of your ability to be successful as a real estate investor is determined by your mindset and what goes on between your ears.

Real estate investing is a business where you can be told “No” 95% of the time, and still be very successful. But that much rejection isn’t for the weary…and causes many people to quit before they’ve really given it a chance.

Today we talk about Mindset, and the importance of good habits and routines. Before you think we’re getting too fluffy for you, please know that Obi has done hundreds of deals in his short 3 year career as a real estate investor…so this is important information.

Please help me welcome Obi Dorsey to the show.”

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Category: Lead Generation

“This is episode #356, and my guest today is Brian Sapp, a probate investing expert. Today we talk about anything and everything related to real estate investing with probate leads, including how to find your list of leads, how to market to those leads, and how to talk to sellers.

There are a few niche lists that most successful real estate investors market to….but they often don’t talk about it publically. But today…we pull back the curtain to teach you everything you need to know about probate leads!

Please help me welcome Brian to the show!”

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Category: Wholesaling

“This is episode #355, and my friend Brad Chandler joins us. Brad is a beast, and shares how he started by hand writing letters himself while he was over $80,000 in debt, and grew his business to over 2,200 deals in the greater Washington DC market.

Today we talk all about marketing and follow up, which are critical to your success. Whether you’re starting with a beer or a Champaign budget…you do not want to miss today’s show.

Please help me welcome Brad Chandler to the show!”

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Category: Rental Properties

“This is episode #354, and my guest today is Scott Meyers, the nation’s leader in self storage investing. If you own single family or multi-family rentals, you’re going to get excited about learning more about rental investments where you don’t have to deal with tenants and toilets!

Today we talk about what makes Self-Storage facilities a better investment than most other options, how the ups and downs of the economy impact self storage, how to find new deals, how to get financing, and how to deal with operations and management.

Out of 354 shows, this is the very first time we’ve talked about Self-storage…and it’s pretty exciting information that I know you’re going to enjoy. Let’s get started.

Please help me welcome Scott Meyers to the show.”

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Category: Operations

“This is episode #353, and “Big D” Darrin Collins joins us today. Darrin operates currently in 7 North Carolina markets, and doing 10+ deals a month….but has been through some incredible highs, and some debilitating lows. Today Darrin is going to share his basic principles for success in business and life with us, which includes some very powerful lessons for all of us business owners.

Real estate investing is a tough business that provides us with incredible opportunities like no other business, but to be successful for the long haul, and to maintain your sanity, it’s important that follow principles that allow you to ride the roller coaster that this industry provides us.

Please help me welcome Darrin Collins to the show!”

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Category: Lifestyle

“This is episode #352, and today Darlene Root joins us. There truly is NO better way to build wealth than with real estate, and there are some powerful tools to make this statement even more true. Self-Directed Retirement and Self-Directed Health Savings Accounts are a couple tools that NO real estate investor should be without.

With the rising cost of healthcare in America for you and your family, a self-directed HSA is a powerful tool that if you’re not already using, you need to learn a lot more about. Darlene Root joins us today to share her knowledge on HSA’s, and provide some tips to help you get started to.

As real estate investors, we have a significant advantage over other types of investments to grow the balances in our accounts far faster than traditional investments.

This is incredible information my friends….let’s dive into today’s show.

Please help me welcome Darlene Root to the show!”

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Category: Lead Generation

“This is episode #351, and my guest today is Luis Ontiveros. Do you ever feel like you can’t overcome challenges you may be facing in your life? Truthfully…you’ll probably agree with me that it inspires you when you hear how someone else overcame something far worse that what we’ve personally had to deal with…which then makes our challenges or our complaints pale in comparison.

I don’t want to steal the thunder from this show, but Luis shares that he was hanging around with the wrong people from an early age…and that landed him in prison. He left and had the mindset that he had a blank canvas to start his life over, and has gone on to create a very successful real estate investing business that operates in many different markets and states.

Luis shares some tactics on how to overcome this challenging market that we find ourselves in, and how to squeeze more juice from the leads you’re already creating.

This is a very powerful episode….let’s get started.

Please welcome Luis Ontiveros to the show.”

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Category: Lead Generation

“This is episode #350, and my guest today is Jim Zaspel, a Philadelphia based real estate investor.

As you know, the market is more competitive than ever right now, and finding deals is challenging…but those that are committed to their own success always find a way.

Today we talk about finding deals on the MLS. I’ll admit…I have historically not really focused on buying off the MLS…but today, Jim has convinced me that I’m missing some opportunities here.

We talk about Jim’s process for find deals and making offers….which you can ethically steal from listening to today’s show. He’s created an automated process for his team to make 30+ offers a month on targeting MLS deals in his market, which is netting him about 1 new deal per week.

If you are looking to grow your real estate business….and I know you are, you don’t want to miss today’s show!

Please help me welcome Jim Zaspel to the show.”

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Category: Lead Generation

“This is episode #349, and Damon Remy of REI Blackbook is today’s guest. Today we talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart…lead generation and lead management.

I’ve said it many times before….if you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business. And if you don’t manage your leads effectively, you won’t have a business for long!

You can’t discuss this topic enough, as without leads, you don’t get opportunities to talk to sellers, don’t get opportunities to make offers on houses…and therefore…don’t do profitable deals.

It’s an important topic…please help me welcome Damon Remy to the show!

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Category: Rehabbing

“This is episode #348, and my guest is Gina Michelle. Today we’re going to talk about high end rehabs, which Gina is an expert at….rehabbing houses up to $2M in Los Angeles. We’re going to talk about how high end rehabs are different, the importance of design, picking the right crews, and something near and dear to Gina’s heart…the selling process.

You’re going to love today’s show…please help me welcome Gina Michelle.

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